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Jun 2009

Summer Yoga for Kids


young-girl-yogaLearn yoga poses, take the time out to stretch and relax, and find a new way to breathe and improve posture

July 13, 20 & 27

August 3 & 10

Mondays 4:30pm

Ages 9-12

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Please contact Penny Hoff for more information:
Phone: (203) 358-0066

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    Jan 2009

    Weekly Fitness Tip: The Only Resolution That Really Matters

    Looking to live a happier, healthier, longer life?

    BOSTON-January 6, 2009-The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) announced today its call to action for anyone.

    Join a Health Club.

    Exercise is one of the best medicines we have to help keep us healthy and living longer. During times of stress and financial uncertainty, staying healthy is of the utmost importance. In our current economy, everyone desires a high return on his or her carefully planned investment. Such a return is achievable if you invest in yourself and your health this year, and exercise at a health club. You will reap the rewards of good health, happiness both year-long, and throughout your life.

    IHRSA offers the following Ten Reasons To Join A Health Club In 2009:

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    Heal Your Mind and Body:
    Exercise can aid in the rehabilitation of illnesses and chronic disease, and improve your muscle strength, cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and help ease the effects of depression and other diseases.

    Practice Prevention:
    Exercise is a form of preventative medicine that research has proven can lower the risk of many chronic diseases, improve overall health and help stave off the effects of aging, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and osteoporosis.

    Improve Your Work Life:
    Studies have shown that exercise can boost employee morale, increase productivity, minimize stress, and lead to decreased absenteeism. On average, frequent exercisers among health-club patrons were absent from work only 2.11 days per year, compared to 3.06 days for inactive individuals.

    Save Money:
    Membership is an incredible value for the cost, especially when you consider the health benefits of exercise. Exercise is a preventive medicine and is part of the answer to health care reform. Sedentary lifestyles and their effects have driven up the cost of health care to all time highs. In 2000, obesity-related health care costs totaled an estimated $117 billion.

    You Can Make a Difference:
    Rates of overweight and obesity in America have never been higher. Today, roughly 34% of adults and 16% of children are obese. So play your part in reversing the nation’s overweight and obesity trend, and exercise.

    Spread the Health:
    Take the lead and be the example of healthy living and wellness for family, friends and your community.

    Weather the Storm:
    Health clubs provide a safe, and protective environment for working out, no matter what the weather.

    Better Together:
    Health clubs are a supportive environment to meet new people, build friendships, network, and find a workout buddy. Enlisting the support of others can increase motivation, help develop a sense of camaraderie, and better help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

    Under the support and guidance of a professionally trained staff, including certified personal trainers, you can get the most out of your workout at a club.

    Variety is the Spice of Life:
    Health clubs offer more workout options in one space, than any other facility. From machines, classes, and basketball, to yoga, personal training and racquetball, you will never run out of ways to spice up your fitness routine at a club.

    You Deserve It:
    A health club membership is not a luxury; it is an investment in your health.

    Fitness Solution:

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      Oct 2008

      Yoga At Sportsplex Stamford


      We are offering five week sessions of these NEW yoga classes.

      Yoga at Stamford
      OCTOBER 23-NOVEMBER 23rd
      Come Join Us! 

      Wednesday 12:15PM Open 30 Minute Meditation
      Thursdays 8:30AM  Gentle Yoga w/ Paula
      Thursday 7:30PM  Warm Vigorous Yoga w/ Penny
      Sunday 4:00PM
      Warm Vinyasa Yoga w/Penny

      Get Healthy contact Penny Hoff, Group Ex. Director:

      Fitness Solutions:

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