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unnamedLoosen Up.

60 minutes – where the only thing you needed to do, was let someone take care of you. Better yet, what if you left that hour feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed? Is this Fantasy? Nope. It’s the reality of your Sportsplex Massage Therapy Session.

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Massage is becoming increasingly recognized as an important way to enhance total body health and vitality. There’s something about the healing power of touch that provides you with benefits that go beyond loosening tight muscles.

Just Your Type
Different massage techniques provide different benefit to you depending on your needs. Sportsplex massage therapists are professionally trained in a wide variety of beneficial massage systems. Here are some of the massage styles you can choose from…


A combination of long rhythmic strokes, kneading and friction techniques and superficial layers of the muscles, combined with active end passive movements of the joints.

Deep Tissue
Releases chronic patterns of tension in the body by using slow firm pressure on the contracted areas and/or trigger points. The focus on deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia facilitates the breakdown of adhesion and relief from muscle soreness.

Sports Massage
Concentrates on muscle groups that are used for a particular event or activity. This technique can enhance an athlete’s< endurance and performance by decreasing the chances for injury as well as reducing recovery time. Focus is on the prevention and/or correction of misalignment’s of the spine and joints caused by tight or irritated muscles. Aimed at restoring strength and balance to muscles.

Massage is available by appointment.

Please check with the front desk for appointment times and availability.

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