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As 2017 comes to a close, I’m please to let you know that Adrian  helped me reach my ultimate goal of getting back my health by the time of my next physical which was last Friday.  My doctor was pleasantly surprised when I walked into her office and she could see that I am happy and healthy.

In her letter yesterday where she went over my test results she said, I am now in excellent health, and is pleased with what I have achieved in the last six months. Her only recommendation is to keep up with what I’m doing since it is working.

I am very grateful that Sportsplex paired me with Adrian as my trainer.  His nutritional and training guidance helped me reach my 2017 goal. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Vanessa says:  “I have worked out with Annabelle weekly for over a year.  She is everything a person could want in a personal trainer – upbeat, patient, creative and adaptable.  She takes the job seriously and always comes prepared to our sessions with a personalized plan for the hour.  She keeps our weekly sessions interesting by alternating the exercises to include kickboxing, boot camp, Kinesis, TRX, and even going outside if the weather is nice.  She knows just how far to push me, without being overly aggressive.  My sessions with Annabelle strike a perfect balance between aerobic and anaerobic, and she is very diligent in making sure to work my entire body week-after-week.  Over the last year, I have lost 10lbs with no other change in my lifestyle except my weekly workouts with Annabelle.  Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t add how much I appreciate her flexibility around scheduling and adjusting the plan when I’m not feeling up to a rigorous workout.”

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I have been working with Natalie for almost three months and have seen amazing results. Because of her efforts this 57 year old women has lost over 20 pounds and working out has become fun. My weekly session with her is always different and her encouraging words stay with me all week. Her enthusiasm and knowledge as well as her ability to motivate me has given me the confidence to go in the weight room myself. She challenges me to give it my all. Natalie is an excellent trainer and I highly recommend her.

Jayne Fusaro