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Sportsplex Squash Exhibition & Client Appreciation Night -
St. Luke’s School Exhibition Game between World Champion and World # 3 Thierry Lincou and Kumail Mehmood
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Big Hit. FASSP Squash

FASSP Squash (Finesse, Accuracy, Strength, Speed, Perception) is a squash program based out of Sportsplex-Stamford, Saw Mill Club East and Squash 1.   FASSP Squash curriculum improves your game by working on the little details of squash. Drawing on his experience competing in top-level squash tournaments and vast knowledge of the game, Kumail has spent the last twelve years developing the FASSP Squash program.

Cool Courts
Regardless if you’re a seasoned squash player or interested in picking up the sport, Sportsplex has a real treat for you. We recently renovated our squash courts so your game experience is even better. And beyond the courts there’s some other great reasons you’ll love playing squash here at Sportsplex.
An Amazing Workout Squash burns more calories per hour (900+) more than almost any other activity (See below). If you want to lose weight, and get fit, squash is the game for you.

World’s Healthiest Sport
Forbes magazine rated squash as the overall most healthiest sport, beating out rowing, swimming, basketball, cross-country skiing, cycling and other sports.The determination was based on comparison of 6 factors (cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, calories burned in 30 minutes (squash burns 517) and injury risk.

Improve Your Reflexes, Agility & Balance
Squash is a game that develops and improves the efficiency of human movement. It builds athletic grace and produces the type of functional fitness you need day-to-day out in the real world.

Easy on the Joints
Squash can be easier on your joints and knees than other court sports because you don’t have a large area of ground to move over. Your body doesn’t pick up the same speed and momentum because you don’t have the time or space to do it in. It means less force is applied on your knees when you decelerate and change directions.

Get Booked
With so many great reasons to play squash why not call a buddy, or check our league/game board and book your court today?

Contact Squash Director Kumail Mehmood for more information:

Phone: (203) 536-4308
Email: kumsha1976@yahoo.com


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