lose big
8 weeks

Kick-off meeting: Tuesday, September 15, at 6:00pm

2 Small Group Personal Training Sessions each week

Here is a testimonial from one of our members:

Through the guidance and encouragement of an excellent instructor in the Lose Big program, in eight weeks I lost twelve pounds.

Not only was the program about working out, it was also about the importance of eating right which is half the battle of losing weight.  Keeping a food journal was the best thing I could have done, because it was all there in black and white.

The program was not intimidating because everyone was pretty much in the same boat.  On Saturdays there were surprise classes that we did as a group and once the program was over with, we continued those classes on our own which only resulted in more weight loss (an additional 14 lbs. to date).

For me the gym is a continued commitment that all started because of Lose Big.


Contact Kris Geier, Fitness Director for more information:

Phone: (203) 358-0066  extension 235
Email: kgeier@sportsplex-ct.com
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