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Stephanie Langer

Stephanie Langer
A difficult pregnancy knocked me off my feet. I had always been athletic and a regular participant in competitive events like road races and triathlons.  After recovering from delivery, I was faced with a bunch of weight to lose, rebuilding muscles that had become weak, and split abdominals and I felt overwhelmed with the task at hand. Working with Natalie was the effective kick start I needed to believe in my physical abilities again and begin my weight loss. With the tools and knowledge that I have learned from Natalie, I have shed 3% body fat, decreased my BMI by 2%, and lost over 12 inches. More importantly, I am charged and confident to continue working hard until I reach my ultimate weight loss goal.

Natalie Gianesello – Mom, previous Sportsplex member and currently a Sportsplex Personal Trainer, turned  her weight-loss journey into a career.  Natalie’s story was recently featured on ESPN “Journeys & Victories – Totally Transformed”… Check it out!


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