penny-hoff-sportsplex-stamford-ct.jpgNew Secrets To Burning Belly Fat
Channel 7 Eyewitness News WABC, New York, NY showcased Penny Hoff’s approach to flattening your stomach, feeling great and enhancing your daily energy.

She cites how new research is showing that safely exercising using heavier weight can have a substantial impact on shrinking your waist.

Why? Strength training with heavier resistance “shocks your metabolism” causing your body to burn more calories during and even after your workouts.

Selecting The Right Weight For You
So what constitutes “heavy weight”? According to Penny, you should select a weight that you can do no more than 10 repetitions with before your muscles fatigue.

Get To The Core Of Your Fitness
Penny also talks about the importance of shocking your core muscles (the deep abdominal muscles, that stabilize your body and support your internal organs) to burn fat and increase overall health and energy.

penny-hoff-sportsplex-stamford-ct-on-abc-2.jpgOne of the best ways to shock your core muscles is exercising on unstable surfaces. She demonstrates how the instability of an exercise ball intensifies the resistance and shocks your core abdominal muscles.

Join Penny For A Metabolism Shocking Workout
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See the full video of Penny’s segment on ABC.

Learn more about Penny Hoff on her blog.

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