Revving Your Engine

Though some of the factors affecting metabolic rate can’t be changed, happily, there are ways to maximize the metabolism you’re born with-even when you’re dieting.
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Among the best ways is exercise. This includes aerobic workouts to burn more calories in the short term and weight training to build the muscles that will boost your metabolism in the long run.

“Since muscle burns more calories than fat-even while at rest-the more muscles you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate, which means the more calories your body will be burning just to sustain you,” Kimball says.

Personal fitness trainer Kelli Calabrese MS, CSCS, ACE, notes that every pound of muscle in our bodies burns 35 calories a day, while each pound of fat burns just 2 calories per day.

While 30 minutes of aerobic exercise may burn more calories than 30 minutes of weight training, Calabrese says, “in the hours following the cessation of exercise, the weight training has a longer-lasting effect on boosting metabolism.”

Having extra muscle also means you can eat more and gain less.

Adds Yanagisawa: “We don’t tell people to exercise while dieting only to burn calories-we also know that exercise builds muscle, and that is what will help you burn more calories and maintain the weight loss you work so hard to achieve.”

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