Water for Health
Staying hydrated for back-pain relief and overall well-being

Water is your body’s primary chemical component, making up approximately 60% of your weight; every system depends on water-including your back. Water helps flush toxins out of your organs, carries nutrients to your cells, regulates body temperature and creates a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.

Water keeps our organs and joints moist; the more water you drink, the more your muscles, organs and joints will be able to perform and heal efficiently.

After oxygen, water is the single most vital substance your body needs to maintain life.

Low-back pain has been linked to dehydration, and some doctors now recommend increasing water intake to help alleviate some back pain.

How much to drink?
Aim for 8 – 10 glasses (250 ml) a day. If you’re eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, soups and other liquid-rich foods, you’ll probably need less drinking water in your diet.

How to get the water you need?

* Try adding a slice of citrus, or a no-calorie drink mix to your water-for flavour.
* Drink a glass of water before and between each meal.
* Hydrate before, during and after exercise.
* Drink sparkling water instead of alcohol at parties and gatherings.

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